At Sven, we proudly make Closed Back Clogs, High Heel Clogs to Low Heel Clogs, fun Summer Sandals to Shearling Clog Boots.  We also have a fashionable Men's Clog Line. And we can't forget to mention our adorable and colorful Children's Clogs!!  

We use only the very best of materials. Our bases are from Austria and Sweden. Our leathers come from all over the United States, and our Sheepskin is from Texas. We take pride that our clogs are handcrafted in the United States by highly skilled workers, and are proud of every pair that ships out the door.

We have two sources for our bases. The first wooden bases are light weight wood with a molded polyurethane sole. This makes the base not only quiet, but non-skid. It has good arch support, and the wood absorbs moisture from your feet to keep them cooler and dryer. This base is recommended for chefs, doctors, nurses, and anyone on the feet for long hours.

The second base is the traditional Swedish base, which we also call the Brittany after my first Granddaughter. These bases have great arch support and glued on soles. They are not as quiet, and look more like the traditional clog. This base looks wonderful with our new brown stain.

Because wood stays rigid, it always has great back support. You will feel how good it is for your back and legs. Surgeons, chefs, nurses, and other people who stand a lot tell us that they feel a lot better at the end of their day because our shoes help eliminate back and leg fatigue.

Our clogs can be custom made for you. You are able to chose the color of the leather, wooden base style, the color of the base and which style you like. You can even choose different colors on your pair of clogs. We can make them narrow or wide as individual as you are, one of a kind.

Thank you for trying our hand-crafted, proudly made in the USA clogs.

Marie Rivers,